Instant SMS notification

Easily check attendance in real time with instant SMS notification.

No more wondering how your student is performing, or waiting for report cards. Parents can easily check and sms notification on assignments, due dates, and much more.

Parents to stay connected and informed.

Parents can securely login to the system, and easily access a wide variety of information, including grades, schedules, assignments, attendance, school directories, and more.

Easily and quickly view details of school-related events like sports, games, practice times, fund raisers, community events, and more.

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4G Schools makes taking attendance simple, and fast. And with the click of a button, attendance is submitted to the school office in real time.

4G Schools gives you the option of allowing students to turn in assignments online. Great for classes that meet on a non-regular basis.

Create dynamic online tests with multiple options: multiple choice, true/false, essay questions, and more. Grades are automatically generated by points per question. Easy way to save paper, too.

Everything a teacher could ever want in a grade book. 4G Schools offers configurable grading criteria, and we make it easy to create assignments and enter grades. Once grades are posted they are instantly available to parents and students.


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A click of the mouse generates an informative, attractive progress report. Easily create reports for individual students, or entire classes. These reports can be sent home, or emailed or SMS to the parents.

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